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Telbaneer Tutorial

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Does anyone know this weave? I would love to learn it. I was told that it was a 3 and 2 half persian, have no clue how to do it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks

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If I'm reading the pattern correctly, it is a half persian 3-1 pattern, but with the rings doubled, effectively make the weave HP 6-2. The ring doubling, however, is not by putting them side-by-side (referred to as kinged), but instead using rings of different sizes, where the OD of one ring matches the ID of the other, and the rings are concentric (referred to as scaled).

I have never made Telbaneer, so I am not positive on this, but since normal HP 3-1 generally uses an aspect ratio (AR) around 4, I would estimate that a good starting point for Telbaneer would be to use rings with AR's of 5 and 7 (using the same wire diameter). At least, that's where I would start.

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