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Question about deburring small scale edges

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I just got a whole bunch of brushed sand scales (beautiful, btw, nice brass look) and the back sides have a small burr from punching.  These are for a scale bra, so I would like to deburr them. this will be the 2nd bra I have made, and the first one had even worse burrs, so I got a 1" 320 grit flapper wheel on a drill press and hand sanded all the edges.  It worked, but the result was not great, and left little aluminum marks on the scales below.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any better ideas.  I think maybe a hard sanding wheel, or finer grit, to just take the sharp edge off, and not more. 
If this wasn't going to be a bra I wouldn't even bother, but its my first project I am going to sell, and I would like it to feel nice. 
Also, any advice in general would be welcomed!


Ps, how well do AA 7/32 rings hold up on bras? is there anywhere I should use stainless, or double up?

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I run into this all the time when doing sheet metal work.

1x30 or larger belt sander or a high speed drill mounted in a vice with a roloc style disk should be a little quicker.  With aluminum you want some sort of duct management and a good dust mask the metal dust goes everywhere and is a concern.

Work safe and clean your tools before switching metals. 

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Interesting, I hadn't considered using one of those roloc disk pads (nor did I know thats what they were called).  If I could find a really fine grit pad, that might work better than what I worked out.

In experimenting, I tried an actual deburring tool, but its spinny-ness made it a lot of work, I tried a knife blade, and an x-acto, but they cut way too deep.  What I found works pretty well is the back side of a saw blade on a leatherman, its a sharp 90 degree corner, and dragging it across at a slight angle workes pretty well.  Its not perfect, but its far better than my little sanding wheel.  It takes maybe 20-30s for each small scale, which considering I need 6-700, isn't too bad.  Also, needs a pie dish/Tupperware below to catch all the little shavings.

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