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Eduardo Barron

2017 Shipping and Holiday Times

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This post is intended to help you sort through options if you have a deadline of Christmas day. For this deadline I'm assuming you want the parcel to arrive on/by the 22nd. 
We will ship using the shipping service you request. We will ship as soon as the items are ready or as soon as we get to your order in the pile (remember a varying number of people are ahead of you). 
Read below to make sure you choose the best options for your needs.
We don't like "You ruined Christmas" emails when we just shipped your order as soon as it was ready using the service you requested. :-(

You can see all the details of our options and rates at this link at any time.


Important notes:

  • We can still get a parcel to you - there are many options below! You have not left it too long! 
  • Travel Times depend on where you live and are business days (Mon-Fri). Do not count Sat and Sun as days that your parcel will move - it may and it may not.
  • If you are cutting it close with your shipping speed and your deadline is firm - please pay for rush service for preparation. This bumps you to the top of the pile.
  • Preparation Times depend on items you ordered. Everyone is in a rush this time of year - the only people that are bumped to the top of the pile are the people that pay for the rush preparation. We have varying orders for varying amounts preparations times are always just an estimate.
  • On Monday we start with orders starting from Friday so there is always a longer leadtime for orders placed in the latter half of the week.
  • If your order is a Christmas order please put a note in the comments area - this will help us prioritize it if there is a delay with an item.
  • Please keep in mind stuff happens - if there is a problem in transit and a parcel is delayed (plane issue, weather, anything) the best we can get you is refund on your shipping if it is not an act of God delay.
  • We will be shipping up to and including the 22nd. Last pick up before xmas for USPS is the 22nd. 
  • Our factory will only be closed December 25th, 26th and January 1st. 
  • Check your email! If there is an issue with your order we email - if you do not reply it slows your order considerably.


Most economical and slower choices: 


USPS First Class and USPS Priority - 2-3 business days in transit. Places closer to NY are faster and CA will be the 3 days. One thing to keep in mind is that if your order shows it shipped say Monday it will not get into USPS's hands until Tuesday bright an early (like 6 am). This is because we have to drive it across the border and drop it off at USPS. This is why we list priority as 2-3 days. USPS actually lists it as 1-2 (or 3).

Cut of for USPS: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to Dec 20th

Our new USPS services has extended the holiday deadline for our US customers by over a week!


UPS Brokerage Free Standard: 7-12 business days in transit. UPS can be 5 to places like NY, SD, PA places closer to us. It is closer to the 10-12 business day range for places like TX, CA.

We are experiencing faster service this year from UPS but I don't have enough data to have people rely on it for the holidays. I can say that service to NY area has been within about 3 days and other places within about 5. 
Cut off for these services: your order must SHIP by Dec 8 to Dec 15 (depending on where you live and the precise service). 
UPS Expedited: 2-3 business day in transit
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to 20th. 
UPS Express Overnight: 1 business day in transit
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 21st. If UPS is working in your area on the 24th you may be able to squeak in the order and have it ship the 23rd.

UPS Express: this is overnight to MOST places. It can be longer if you are in a remote area. If the UPS brown truck shows up at your door it is likely 1 business day. If its a contracted courier it will be longer and it depends on your exact location.
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to 21st.
Xpresspost: Approx. 1-3 business days in transit (can be longer for remote areas)
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18-21st
Expedited Post: Approx. 1-7 business days in transit (can be longer for remote areas)
Cut off for this service: The cut off depends on where you are - your order must SHIP by Dec 15th if you are farther away. 

Everyone Else
It of course depends very much on where you are. 
UPS Worldwide Express: 2-5 business days in transit.
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 16th - 18th. 
Xpresspost (postal service): Approx. 8-15 business days in transit
Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 9th

USPS Priority (US postal service): Approx. 6-10 business days in transit

Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 14th at the latest.


Buy a gift certificate! They ship are electronic and arrive in seconds.
A great alternative if you accidentally leave it too long is a gift certificate.
They are emailed and arrive instantly!
Gift certificates are a great choice if you have no idea what to buy as well. The receiver can decide for themselves what will work for the projects they have been scheming!
You can buy them here

Also on this page is a link to a pdf that you can print and put in a card if you prefer. Just email the gift certificate to yourself and give the gift number and instructions.
Please note: a human has to look at your order to authorize a gift certificate. Please don't place the order and then have the person try to use the gift certificate immediately - it will not work.
It will be authorized the next business day.

Last note - remember there are lots of holiday days between Dec 25th and Jan 2nd - this delays orders during this window as well.
Our staff are working between Dec 25th and Jan 2nd so the delays should be minimal and depend mostly on couriers.
Soooo much info... I hope your brain didn't explode.

Wreath.jpg    Have a great holiday season!

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