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Dragonscale belt and material strength

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I love dragonscale weave chainmaille, and I am planning on making a belt for myself out of it.  I intend to use 18ga 1/4" id stainless steel rings for the larger rings.  Originally, I wanted to use 20ga 5/32" id titanium rings in dark blue for the smaller rings.  However, after placing my order I was informed that the titanium rings I want are no longer available, so I need to substitute.  I don't want to use stainless steel, as I want an offset color.  Would anodized aluminum rings in this size and weave hold up to wear and tear as a belt?  This will be a functional piece, not decorative.  If aluminum rings are no good, are there any other materials that would be strong enough and have a clothing safe color?  Nothing that will rub off or stain clothing.  I have never worked with niobium, for instance.

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if this is for a useful belt (e.g. is keeping your pants up or hanging things from) i would not use anything weaker than ss for 20 gauge rings, unless you can weld them.  what do you mean by "no longer available"?  afaik, 20ga 5/32" ti is still available in saw cut.  were you trying to get the machine cut that got phased out last year?
if the saw cut is really out of stock too, you could switch the ring and do ss for the small rings and aluminum (or whatever) for the bigger links, but that would still not be super strong...

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