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Yay for information!

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I'm using stainless steel for the first time (for a project, I tried opening a few rings I got a while back in a floor sweepings, and handed the pliers over to the hubby instead), and as they're finger rings, I wanted/needed to know if they had nickel in them as well as "how much" or whether they'd be hypoallergenic. My first stop? The stainless section, of course. Didn't see it there, so I then went to the materials info link... and wouldn't ya know, there it was! Not really how much nickel is in it, but what the alloy is (same as the "surgical steel" earring hooks and studs I get for my earrings), and actual information.

This is what keeps me coming back here (well, besides the great quality, variety, and intensely patient and kind staff! :P ). I know I can count on actually getting the info I need. :) 

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