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Selling/trade- My old stocks to a good home.

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I've been out of the game for a while and it seems unlikely I'll get back into it in the future, so I want to see that my old supplies get used rather than wasting away and taking up space.


Its a modest collection of stuff, but I don't need it anymore and will give it away for very cheap. Make me an offer of what you would feel would be around 75%  off, pick up and its yours. It's not free but I'm happy to let it be close. I would rather it all be taken total but if you want to pick through it that is ok. It's always annoying when people demand all or nothing.


I'm not interested in dealing with shipping, so pick up only, please. That probably will make this harder to get rid of but its not worth it. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

It all came from TRL over the years.


List of whats all here:

14ga/.081 stainless .335 ID Rings
16ga/.062 aluminum .25 id rings
16ga/.063 stainless .343 ID Rings
16ga/.062 stainless .275ID
16ga aluminum .270 ID rings 
16ga/.062 spring stainless .421 ID
18ga/.048 stainless .266 ID
18ga/.048 stainless .232 ID rings
18ga/.046 stainless (Matte) .210 ID
20ga stainless steel coil
24ga stainless steel coil

Various coils of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze gauges, ID's
mandrels of various sizes
coil of 18ga (Matte) stainless steel
1.2 lbs ga 16 alumnium wire on coil (2 coils)
14 ga/ .08" aluminum wire coil

Random metal rings


Cheers and happy crafting.



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