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Jodey, TRL Creative Mgr

Upcoming Custom Anodized Aluminum Colors

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The following is the current list of planned custom anodized aluminum color runs. Please note that this information can and will change often. We will do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible, but we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the list.

The order of the anodized aluminum colors we are running may change without notice, and the dates we plan may change as well.
The intent of this list is to keep our customers up to date on what custom anodized aluminum colors we are running so you know what is available and when. If you want to order, you can contact me at t2cs (at) theringlord.com.

Anodized aluminum rings and premium bright scales can be made in these colors.

If the color has a notation that it is currently in the tank, it is too late for you to purchase. You can only choose colors that have an upcoming run date.

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2 hours ago, Kittensoft_Chainmail said:

Thanks, I look forward to it!  Is there a way I can get a notice when they're ready?🙂

Just keep an eye on the facebook page and website. We announce new colors/sizes on facebook. If there is a listing on the website already you can use the blue "notify me" button. You'll need to click each button for each size available.

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