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Getting started on a dice bag questions

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I've got about 800 16ga 1/4" rings and am trying to make a dice bag but I can't seem to get the bottom right.

Are there any alternate methods to forming the bottom of the bag?

Or could I make triangles and form the bag completely out of those?

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Typically, I use one 16ga 5/16" ring on the bottom to create a round bottom using 16ga 1/4" rings.  I start with 8 rings on there and ad 8 rings every other row until I hit 40.  I continue at 40 until I hit the size of the bag I want.  below are the number of rings for each row (to include spacing between each extra ring added to creat the round bottom.

row 1: 8

row 2: 16 (add expanding ring to each ring in row 1)

row 3: 16

row 4: 24 (add expanding ring to every 2nd ring in row 3)

row 5: 24

row 6: 32 (add expanding ring to every 3rd ring in row 5)

row 7: 32

row 8: 40 (add expanding ring to every 4th ring in row 7)


You could just add expanding rings to each row and get to 40 faster, but that will also cause the bottom to be more of a point rather than being able to sit flat.  

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And yes, you could alternatively use something like 5 triangular sections, with 45 degree joins, to make the bottom of the bag. I frequently use this method to make the top of coifs.

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