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Need Help With Pricing?

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Hello everyone! I am fairly new to selling chainmaile. I just sold a piece I had someone commission and made $30 USD from. (Posting image) I'm wondering what you would suggest selling for as I mainly work with Byzantine and can produce a 19inch necklace within 2 days. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!



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I don't have a hard ruling for my pricing, personally.  Weaves are a factor, and overall length among many others.  Using yours as an example, I'd likely charge $50-55 for a helm necklace done in aluminum.  My pricing is likely to be very different from yours, a necklace in that weave usually takes me about an hour or two.

I base my pricing on recouping costs, complexity of the weave, how dull or exciting the color combo or concept is to me, material, gauge, and a couple other factors.

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