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Where can I find European 4 in 1 19 9/64 graph paper

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I am starting to do an Inlay design and since the design requires a smaller AR around 3.5 3.6 I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find 19 9/64 European 4 in 1 graph paper 

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Worse comes to worst, you could try going to FedEx Express -- you know, Kinko's -- and get clever with reducing/enlarging a copy to get that 9/64 dimension juust right.  (that 19 wants explaining?  What's it doing in there?)

You can design any inlay work you want to on any graph scale/dimension, and figure "Okay, that many squares on the paper is that same number of links (regardless of link size)," and have the piece come out just fine, particularly if you build the inlay first and then fill in the field around it.

Is your wire very soft?  Springy wire like hard steel or titanium will increase your AR because of springback.  That's only a consideration if you are coiling your own links.

You are weaving a very dense mesh, right up against the 3.2 minimum AR for E4-1.  The result will look as dense as a metal watchband.

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