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Orbital Byzantine Ring Size Help

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So I am relatively new to chainmailling and have only been at it for a year, but I love the orbital/byzantine weave infusion. The only tutorials for it I can find online is a class for $60 and a pdf of it for $5 but I don't like the chunky rings they use.

I would just like to make two bracelets, the byzantine rings being 20g 1/8" and the larger bracelet being 16g 7/32". I just need help with what size of rings would be able to orbit these weaves well enough for proper movement. An example of what I'd like to do is attached. 


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Alright, hopefully you've found your answer in the last 4.5 months...


I presume you're talking the outer two weaves there - the center one is the easiest, as it's just a 3-ring mobius joining sections of byzantine weave.  

I've done orbitals before - I find them a pain.  Usually you want the orbital to be a ring size larger than the rest of your weave.  It can be done with all the same size, but it puts a lot of strain on the orbital ring in my experience. 

20 gauge 1/8" rings makes a nice byzantine - which would help make orbitals it they are at least 5/32". 

Now, this doesn't count springback, which entirely depends on your material and temper - so you'll have to experiment a little with your materials.  I prefer bronze or silver, but when learning, anything will work, though copper might be too soft for a good orbital.

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