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I'm having some design issues. I'm very nw to this but enjoying building some simple bracelets at the moment. Made a few for wife/girls, but my own I like quite bulky and big. Made of a doubled up Japanese 6-1 design currently 3-wide. If I have it big enough to go over my wrist it's way to big and loose - drives me mad. If I have it tighter which I like I have to use lobster clasps - but need one per 'big ring' which means I need six - very faffy and frustrating to get on/off.

Am I missing something? 

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There are a few possibilities, depending upon what you mean by "big."

You could taper down to a single "big" ring on each side and then only use 1 lobster claw, though this would mean the bracelet doesn't have a uniform width.

If your rings are sized appropriately you could use magnetic "tube clasps", though these tend to be for smaller rings rather than beefy ones.

If the rings are an appropriate size you could use EPDM rubber rings in one of the sizes, thereby making a stretchy bracelet that could be solid, without using a closure.

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Thanks for the thoughts. The one I've made is a combination of (from memory) 6mm and I think 12mm, both 1.5mm wire. The lobster claws can conceivably hold two rings (though only take one through the 'back' end) so maybe I can do something there. Not sure I like the ida of thinning it down and certanly not rubber for this. 

Maybe I've gone to two extremes - with clasps it was super fiddly but tight, without it was easy but loose. Maybe I make it a bit smaller but not tight, to reduce fiddliness and looseness, and see if I can get a way to just have three clasps.

Also just discovered how to do byzantine / byzantium (?) chain which is also fun. And ordered some aluminium wire. and some better pliers... 

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