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Wrapped tags questions

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Hello! I am attempting to make some wrapped tags. Using TRL's project page on the topic, I have acquired their 19g 3/16 rings in a variety of AA colors. I am using 1 and 1.5" rounds, etched but originally purchased from TRL. I have watched their video on how to do 3/4 Persian. A while back, before getting colors, I had tried a length of this in AA silver. It's nice and flexible, and the rounds settle into the groove nicely. It's not long enough to go all the way around, but gives a sense of things. Today, I tried this all with purple rings. It's much more stiff (and first thing I did was confirm that I did the weaving correctly), and the rounds will NOT settle into the groove. It might settle in for the width of about 3 units, but no more. I have bought a lot of materials with specific projects in mind, and purple is one of the colors I really need to work (along with red, green, yellow, and a rainbow). Is there really that much difference in the anodizing that I'd lose the flexibility? Will it work better if I alternate a color with silver or black etc? I am getting really frustrated on this, and am hoping there is a simple solution to making this work. Otherwise, I've spent a lot of money with no hope of ROI.







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The difference between the AA colors should be almost nil, it sounds to me like you may have received the wrong rings. You should probably get in touch with TRL customer service and see if they can help you get this sorted out.

Do you have anything that you can use to measure them and confirm? Is it possible that you confused the silver AA with a similar ring? For example machine cut 19g 3/16" BA looks very close but is a different alloy manufactured by a different process and the sizes are slightly different.

If all else fails I would just try substituting middle column of rings in the weave with 20g 3/16" AA. That should loosen it up enough to work but won't look too different.

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thank you for the tip, Lorenzo, and apologies for not replying sooner. I've been playing with this in between other projects for the last couple of weeks. I did try using a different color for the middle column and that helped. But I have found that only silver AA works on the 1" tags, and now that I got look, I see that TRL only sells kits for 1/5" and 2" tags, so it seems that smaller round tags just won't work. I've tried multiple variations with multiple colors and the 19g 3/16" just won't work for smaller tags, and solid black or black ice won't work for 1.5" (I can close the circle and get a tag inside, but several rings noticeably separate from the effort. So this is turning out to be a grand experiment for me with very mixed results. I only order from AA options so I don't have any BA that could have gotten mixed in. Also, using all saw cut. I wish I had some good digital calipers to take measurements but alas I do not right now.

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