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WTB micromaille wedding rings

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I'd like to buy two wedding rings in micromaille.

I'm thinking 24g Persian 4-1, but not certain; considerations are e.g. texture, durability, feeling during finger compression / hand squeeze, safety, and cross-section thickness.

I've personally made a P4-1 silver necklace and bracelet, which I love, but in more standard size; I don't have the physical skill to do micro.

I would like to deal with someone experienced at micromaille who'd be willing to send different weave samples to try out (to be returned of course), either made in a cheap material (eg stainless steel) or already in inventory, before committing to a commission (which'd be probably gold and/or silver).

Please give a link to prior work if you're interested or if you know a good candidate. 

Not urgent.

I would also appreciate comments from those of you who've worn a micromaille ring long term on what weave/gauge you have and what it feels like.

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perhaps you know already, but 24ga gold or silver would have to be soldered and would still misform relatively quickly.  i use 20ga titanium and still assume i'll need to re-make it every couple years.

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I'd think a Persian 3in1 would work better. I've made rings in this weave  with 20 ga.  1/8" ID & 18 ga. 3.16" ID. The 20 ga. rides close to the finger and is comfortable for long term (my wife for one for a month straight) comfortably. The 18 ga. rings feel a little bulky between the fingers.

Either way, getting the rings to fit correctly can be tricky, between finger size & ring size, sometimes you can't get a perfect fit. Also as TitaniumMithril, you'd have to solder the rings and they're soft metals, so can deform really easily.

I hope this helps. 😎


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