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Growler wrap!

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I'm always looking for things to wrap in chainmail.  Up until now its been mostly coffee cups and bottles.  I found this 64oz growler on clearance at our local grocery store, I think it was $15-16 bucks.

I had a lot of these patches of byzantine hexagons filled with Japanese 12-2 from a previous failed sporran attempt that needed to be repurposed.  I'm also in the middle of trying to use up all my rings before I order more.

The top is 8 hexagons and it spreads out into 12 hexagons which was really loose and had me worried it wouldn't fit properly but once it was tightened down on the bottom it barely moves.

Now to take it to the local brewery and get it filled!

Rings are 16G 5/16", 18G 1/4", and 18G 3/16" all square qire stainless form TRL.


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