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Wrist/Forearm strength

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Well, I've started work on a hauberk, 14ga 3/8" stainless rings. I've worked mainly with aluminum and the like, so this was an adventurous project to say the least. I noticed that it was hard to work the rings for someone that has only really used aluminum. At the suggestion of a friend, I picked up a Powerball. I highly recommed these.


It's helped me gain the strength needed in my forearms. They aren't overly expensive either. Anyway, that's my 2 rings into the world for now. Will have pics as I progress on this hauberk...I'm about 6 lbs into it so far...

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Those things are amusing, my friend has one. I just found that training in new metals was most easily done by closing rings. Each session, you can close more, and it gives you time to understand the springback of the metal so that your closure's are still perfect. I'm just a little biased, I look at orders and prefer to spend extra money on more rings :P.

Still, the ball thing is fun to play with, hehe.

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