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Having a bit more fun now with the rings. Not too happy with my latest one...I think I may have rushed myself on it. Figuring out easier techniques along the way as well...


My 3 silver rings together on a mirror


I'm not a hand model...ok?

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The more I see these the more I become enamored of the whole "weaving rope knots with wire" concept. I've actually done a little research top support my inevitable decision to give it a try and found something calles the "International Guild Of Knot Tyers" [Link] where they had this really cool tool you could download called the "Turks Head Former" [Link]. Basically, it's just a small program that you can run that will let you basically tell it how many Leads and Bights you want, and then it will tell you the order of the pins you should weave. It's pretty cool! I can already tell though.....This is gonna be a new addiction that will work against me in conjunction with my maille addiction, LOL

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