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My Dragonscale Bracer/Bracelet

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Ok, I got obsessed with dragonscale these last few days (see my post in the general forum). Anyway, here's what came of it.

it's 16516 AB, the small rings are copper, but I don't recall the size. I'll have to measure them.

It may look like the closures are not good, but I've done my usual jewelry test and run this through my hands and some silk and no snags or nothing. Feels nice and smooth, so I'm good with it ;)



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As I mentioned, the big ones are 16516 AB, but the small copper ones, I'm not totally sure. I'll print out the ring size scale from TRL and check...I need to know also, as I need to order more rings to make more dragonscale ;-)

Ok, checked the ring sizing chart...

16516 AB and 18732 Copper.

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