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The semi-official PG rated EmeraldDragon and SirGuido slash fic thread.

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As a celebration of Jon & Bernice being on vacation, and hence not able to delete this, I encourage you all to post your best(worst) ED/SG love stories here instead of polluting the rest of the board. Difficulty: if there are any complaints I'll probably have to move it into the back room or delete it later.

I'll start it off, feel free to continue the story.

"Oh EDdy," said SirGuido, sighing and batting his eyes, his voluptuous bosoms heaving "I'm so glad we went on this romantic walk in the woods. Look at that squirrel! Isn't he cute!"

"Well, yeehaw Gweedy!" drawled EmeraldDragon excitedly "I'ma go grab 'im so's we kin stuff 'im in yer britches wit the rest of dem skwerls.

To be continued...

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When the **** did I start talking in a southern drawl?

I'm guessing about 1:01 pm the 27th...

Sadly, I have to run to work... else it could be funny to try and continue this story.

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