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Hey, Did anyone ever get this message during the shipping proccess?

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a Couple of local chainmail guys (im one of them) ordered a bunch of rings bulk and we checked the tracking majigger... and it said this for the status ---> "THE NUMBER OF PIECES DOES NOT MATCH THE INVOICE, WAYBILL, OR TRACKING LABEL / FORWARDED TO THE FACILITY IN THE DESTINATION CITY"

Does anyone know what this means, or can you tell me what happened? Or, anything about it?

Anything would be appreciated. I'm not angry, I'm just curious. We understand that ringlord IS NOT at fault (or if this is even a bad thing?). It is a shipping thing.



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We ship orders that are over $200 and going UPS ground using a service called World ease. This service means we ship your parcel with a bunch of other peoples parcels and it crosses the border with them in one consolidation.

This is how we pay your border fees for you.

In this case somewhere between here and Winnipeg one of the parcels went missing. I have contacted Winnipeg and our account rep and we have people looking everywhere for this.

The problem will be solved very soon and you parcel will clear customs next.

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