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All right, lets see if I can present myself correctly here...

Since there are a few on the forums that live here in San Antonio I decided to provide this subject matter here...

As many of you know I have a suit of armor. Specfically from the 15th century. I recently bought a pollaxe (This thing can be brutal) I have been training and in coming to have an instructor that can give me clear and precise direction (Over the internet) I am coming to learn a historical art, as in terms; to the use of the pollaxe (medieval grappling is next on the list) I have been putting together a ciriculum for quite some time of the medieval art of fighting and teaching the history of the medieval man-at-arms (this can be from a basic soldier to a fully armoured knight) I currently have one person that is interested enough to get this group created and put into action so as to acquire students and teach them.

This is not a cheap shot at "trying to be a knight" or anything of that sort. Though I have been learning the information for nearly three years now. Historical accuracy is at the top of our list.

I have not decided upon a name yet for the orginazation.

I was considering having a "chain maile" class to be seperate (though apart) of the actual group. So that when students came to class sort to speak, they would have the chance to make jewlery or their own Hauberk or what not. I would not lead this portion of class. I was looking for someone that would be seriously interested in the entire concept of this idea presented and thus, would like to discuss and be apart of the orginazation.

This will be for the San Antonio area. Most classes (open to discussion) would be held at local parks around town. Or if there is anyone here from the forums that would like to sample the class, I would be more than happy to arrange for a "sample class" to be held for yourself and your friends or family members that may be interested.

Your feed back will be more than appreciated.

-Christopher VaughnStrever

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There is a new orginazation known as the MMAC; Medieval Men at Arms Combat.

I am scheduling the start of the group to commence in May- June of 2010. Currently I have not began to market or make the MMAC known locally. Here in Texas… Dallas and Houston each have historical groups respectively while San Antonio does not. Now San Antonio can have this avenue for people.

The primary teachings (At the least to start) will be from the art of the pollaxe. Then to move onto other avenues such as wrestling and dagger use. Then up towards the use of swords. The art of the pollaxe will be the main focus of the group. That is before the other items are to be taught.

The goal of the MMAC is armored combat. I will be wearing a full suit of armor for every class held. I will step in, so that people may train (In certain attacks) against an armored opponent; this will be in conjunction with the following information. I have also established, created, and crafted a specific “training arm” so that students are able to perform a series of attacks while being able to move from training arm to training arm and have myself interject as an opponent. I would like to teach, not simply to perform the precise attack, though to be able to use that attack while moving about sort-to-speak. Just as a realistic situation would occur.

I desire to produce an organization such that historical accuracy of the teaching is fore most, yet holds a continuing open mind to learn something we have not learned before. Not to allow a persons mind to think they are dominate in all knowledge, but to realize we are all learning something new each day. I will not allow the MMAC to become a group known for bickering or discontent. The purpose amongst the afore mentioned; is to attain a peaceable setting (Of people within the group) amongst learning an art of warfare.

One aspect that I will be interjecting is to allow anyone to come and see the presentation and/or teachings. Only members will receive the intimate training from the teacher. Thus a group with members, yet can be enjoyed by anyone.

As more details arise I will post updates. However if you have a question or are interested please post a reply and I will answer your inquiries. As made mention in the previous post... If there is someone here that is interested in setting up a class to teach people how to make chain maille (properly mail) please let me know. As this can allow the MMAC to expand.

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You're making me wish I lived in your area. I would jump on an opportunity to teach others how to craft armor and jewelry and even more-so on learning medieval armored combat with other people who are as interested in it as I am. Unfortunately, I live in northern Virginia and around a large number of smart-asses who pull the "I shoot you with a gun, I win" and don't seem to understand that I don't want to do this for practical self defense. It's a form of martial art that interests me more than everything else out there. I assume that you would train with wooden weapons? How rough would the training get? Is the MMAC a splinter of SCA combat or is it independent of the SCA? If so, any particular reason?

I'm curious because if the SCA turns out to be a little bit too RP or LARP-y for me I'd like to know if there are other options out there and what/where they are.

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Yes the weapons will be wooden. I have an actual reproduction that was made from an original pole axe that was dated to the 15th century. It was hand crafted and not made from a machine in any way. So the students can see and get a feel for what a real pole axe is like. and how close the weight is properly proportin'd. I am trying to put a rubber type molding around the hammer and spike area of the demo weapon. I will not resort to foam and duct tape.

The training will not be tough in the manner of sparring with each other. (there will be no sparring) The training will be rough in the amount of strict and precise actions performed and information to be learned. Such one instance is the timing and speed aspect... Acurate timing is more important then being faster then someone.

The MMAC is completly seperate from any association. That includes SCA, HEMA Alliance, or ARMA group. HEMA aliiance and Arma are other associations that teach the use of medieval weapons, that is primairly the sword.

The MMAC is seperate because (1) SCA has zero absolutly 0 to do with historical accuracy. They are a group dedicated to sparring at a fantasy level. If someone wishes to argue what SCA is about and does... I won't be involved. SCA is exactly what alot of people want, however their direction of a group goes against everything I wish to teach to people.

SCA is not RP or LARP at all. They fight with padded weapons. They fight right away. There is many rules and restrictions that SCA employs in order for safety take first and up most priority.

There is a simple answer to your quarry... There is Historical European Martial Arts and there is Non-Historical. The more rules that cause restrictions on movements and attacks... the more the original art is lost.

If you are interested in the true historical value of things I suggest you look into the web forum at For a map of different groups that teach more towards historical teachings is a map, zoom in and view the groups near yur city...My link this is not a map of sca groups at all.

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