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For Sale:Scale Haubergeon

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I have decided to sell the scale haubergeon detailed in the following thread.


I'd like to give the members of the TRL and MAIL forums the first chance at buying it before I offer it for sale publicly. I consider this shirt to be one of my best designs and I would like it to go to an owner who will really appreciate it.

I'll sell it to a member of these forums for a discounted base price of $800. The buyer also pays only the actual cost of shipping and I will accept any reasonable form of payment.

This shirt fits an approximately 42-44" chest and weighs in at 23 lbs. The rings are TRL 16g 5/16" hard stainless and are plenty strong but may need the odd repair if this shirt is used for SCA heavy combat or something similar. The scales are nickel plated spring steel, they will not chip or bend and are quite resistant to rusting.

I'll also consider any customizations to it for a reasonable fee but preference will be given to selling it as is. Keep in mind that the shirt is an American standard size large and since there are no matching scales of this high quality currently available it won't be possible to make it larger, sorry.

If you're interested let me know via private message.


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