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WTS: Chain by the foot

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For those interested, I have 14ga 3/8 European 4in1 chain now available. 3 row strips are available for purchase on the website. It is sold by the foot, with 10ft minimum purchase. If you want more then 100ft, please contact me to recieve a discount. Welding is available upon special request.


Chain by the foot - Making chainmail clothing just got that much easier.

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Even though it is not yet added to the site, I have the following types of chain available by custom order.



Linked Byzantine (has only one connector ring of the same metal as the links, allows you to add in whichever colors/metals you choose)

Full Persian

Half Persian



Spine Chain (picture available here - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=6602874977&aid=50602#!/photo.php?fbid=302140254977&set=a.302139009977.50602.6602874977&theater)

Available in any material/color combinations

(Note: Only TRL rings are used in the creation of these chains)

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16ga 5/16 Euro 4in1 strips now available in bright aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, stainless steel (square wire), and titanium. Welding for stainless steel available upon special request.

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