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Excel workbook for chainmaille

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Ok, everytime I want to do a project I have to find all my charts and whip out the calculator. SOO, instead I've put everthying into one excel spreadsheet. With the hourse of searching for chain maille stuff, I've never seen anything like this..

It does:



ID just plug in the other numbers.

I have a page with rings per foot

rings needed for designs, from bluebudda this page needs some work yet

thickness chart for guage

fraction to decimal chart..

I would love to share it..or add to it. I'll try to upload to internet but I don't think the functions will work with excel. I would be glad to email it to anyone that wants it, just pm me.. hopefull there isn't any mistakes..

I did attach a screen shot of the first page, nothing fancy but it's much easier for me.



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I haven't used excel in that manner.

I do use it for individual pieces. I put ring type and sizes for each piece, then you type in the amount of pieces you need to replace and it tallies up the total rings I need.

I also use it for show to calculate the money I made, the cost of materials sold, and my take home. does each piece individually as well as various totals. excels is pretty cool.

That would be wicked sweet having one to where you type in the sq ft into a ring size and it tell you how many rings you need.

I like where you're headed with this.

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Try this tool out, It's tomething that I made a couple years ago and posted here. I think that the post has probably been deleted by now.....the forum software has upgraded a few times :+) . Basically all you do is type in what Aspect Ratio you want, and it wlil give you all of the possible ring size/wire diameter combinations you could use (+- 0.1AR) to get that Aspect ratio. Just make sure that in Excel you have enabled the "Analysis Toolpack" Add-In.

Link to the File: Ring Finder

How to enable the Analysis ToolPack: Link to Microsoft Instructions

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