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  2. Is there an update on when the 'TheRingLordBrand KXPLIERWIDE' pliers will be in stock?
  3. When will DSS1015 be restocked please Thank you!
  4. Any idea when the PRB-8-Triangle will come back in stock? Just found a great use for them and I'm getting low. (ordered the wrongs on the last order and I'll figure out what to use them for, but I can't use them for the same thing). Thanks!
  5. Last week
  6. Hi, any news on when the lime small scales will be back in stock? I only need around 20-30 of that colour to go with the green and seafoam for a project.
  7. Long time I'm afraid - its nasty when we have stock errors...
  8. ETA on 16 5/16 White?
  9. I expanded the back about 4 inches. Getting the neck shape was a pain, but it's so comfortable now. 36lbs isn't that bad when it's draped correctly. Also the armpits are deeply gusseted. I can bring my upper arms up to shoulder height before the shirt starts to lift.
  10. Please realize that the Mailmaker's guide can give you a shirt tailored exceptionally well to your body, by which I mean it will move with you through your entire range of motion, but it also will be near the minimum amount of material (and therefore weight) to do so. The 3 points I brought up in my first post are enough to make a decent shirt, built like a T-shirt. If your chest & belly are about the same size, T-shirts fit great. If they are different, you either deal with it fitting in one area and being tight in another, or going up in size and fitting in one area and being loose in another. Since maille is like a Chinese finger trap, it never really gets loose; it just squeezes to the body and gets longer. My first shirt (16 ga. x 1/4 galvy, short sleeves, mid-thigh) was made in this manner, and works fine, at a weight of 28 lb. It's just heavier than it needs to be, and I could probably shave off a couple pounds.
  11. I'm in need of the SXSD18316 Stainless steel soft temper rings, what's the ETA on those.? Many thanks.!SX SD18316
  12. don't despair - it's not terribly hard to open up vertical lines in the shirt to add expansions. in fact, you'd probably do it a few times even if it was in your plans to begin with as it is difficult to judge exactly where each should be. the shoulder blades, waist, hips, etc. are all going to sit in slightly different places with each link size, material, and person.
  13. oh dear, i'm not doing any of the expansions or contractions so far in that web archive link!
  14. I use 18 gauge in either 3/16" or 1/4" I.D. for most the bags I make. I have also used 16 5/16, but do they make a less flexible bag.
  15. Looking for instructions, materials needed, suggested Gage. For newbie
  16. ETA on restock of KX200-ERGOMOD, please? ☺
  17. I have worked with the graphite colored ones and so far they have held well. However being painted there is a possibility of them chipping. though the paint on finish on the graphite colored ones does seem stronger then the original white and black painted ones they offered. I think they have a better method now for the painted ones than the very first painted one I got
  18. Earlier
  19. BA 18g 1/4" machine cut? ETA?
  20. AA1438black - about 3 weeks SXAA14716 - no plans at this time - we do custom orders like this with a $200 min per size.
  21. If only all my wire was spooled......
  22. what a weird guy HE must be.
  23. Still wondering about this... figure it probably got lost in the shuffle. Thanks!
  24. And there's the fellow who keeps his wire (material & diameter are his main sorting things) strictly on the reel or spool until he needs rings, and then spins these up with a power drill I guess. I'd use a hands-free wire feed for this -- see the Gallery section of the M.A.I.L. site for illustration of one easy-build no-hands feeder.
  25. Any idea when AA1438 black will come back in stock I need it for a customer?
  26. just fyi, the individual sections are not sealed (they have removable dividers, like most tackle boxes) so if you're doing micro-mail, a few links may slip between sections, but i haven't found this to be too obnoxious with 20 ga and thicker. of course, if you don't care about them being adjustable, you can always hot glue or epoxy them in place.
  27. Thanks for the insight! TitaniumMithral, I have seen those and wondered how they held up, thanks. I think I get one for when I'm traveling
  28. Interesting, I hadn't considered using one of those roloc disk pads (nor did I know thats what they were called). If I could find a really fine grit pad, that might work better than what I worked out. In experimenting, I tried an actual deburring tool, but its spinny-ness made it a lot of work, I tried a knife blade, and an x-acto, but they cut way too deep. What I found works pretty well is the back side of a saw blade on a leatherman, its a sharp 90 degree corner, and dragging it across at a slight angle workes pretty well. Its not perfect, but its far better than my little sanding wheel. It takes maybe 20-30s for each small scale, which considering I need 6-700, isn't too bad. Also, needs a pie dish/Tupperware below to catch all the little shavings.
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