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  2. Here is a Euro 6-1 thread over on Armour Archive, primarily in 6-1's use in mail collars, or pisanes and standards: And with pictures.
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  4. Good question - I just poked the bagging department - should be up in a day or so.
  5. need EPDM 16g 5/16 yellow. Yellow. Yellow.
  6. Edit: Hah okay I just got notification they're all in stock now so...nevermind! Original: Wowee! I went to check small titanium scales tonight and found ALL colors except plain were out of stock! Any ETA on these? I'm mainly interested in the various shades of blues/purples.
  7. It's coming along. 14,596 rings so far. Keeping count for fun and some bragging rights lol It's still a crop top, going to start expanding the barrel after I've gotten the sleeves past the gussets. I wound up freehanding the tight corner of the gussets where they connect to the barrel. I'll post a picture of those a little later. I'll be happy to be done with these seams though! Thanks for the gusset inspiration, Eric!
  8. Like the title says, I need a vest of chainmail that weighs 40lbs. If you can make one for me or have one you can modify to be heavier, let me know! contact me: garrettwnoob(at)yahoo(dot)com
  9. I think the width will be ok. They connect to wider shoulder pieces so the weight will be distributed out except for the few inches inbetween the shoulders and the cups. Sounds like the 2x aluminum rings might be on the weaker side so I'll fix that. Thanks for the input.
  10. Also if there is any type of weight having thin straps can get uncomfortable quick.
  11. As only the top row of rings is visible, using stainless rings of the same size instead would not be visible but would be much stronger without having to double the rings.
  12. It's aluminum. I experimented with doubling up the rings and it works, I'm just hoping I can avoid the extra time that takes.
  13. Steel, or aluminum? Either will open over time under load, but carbon steel, spring steel, or stainless steel will stand up much better, requiring minimal maintenance.
  14. This is kind of a dumb question but I have to ask and verify. I'm making a scale top and I'm making the straps out of a column of scales, where there's only 2x 16g 5/16 rings at each segment to hold it all up. Is this realistically going to be strong enough? It's costume, not for SCA armor or anything, but I don't want the rings to open up over time.
  15. New stock just arrived. Restock in process.
  16. This might be the greatest armor I've seen on this whole site.
  17. Medium black - we'll start a run of medium scales in about a week - 2 weeks until it hits stock.
  18. Heya, any idea on when the MedIum Scale - Anodized Aluminum in black will be available for order?
  19. I have been using the extra large for head Bands mostly
  20. Earlier
  21. Very nice! What size rings are you using? (I am assuming a 5.5 AR)
  22. Any word on restock?
  23. Looks like last weeks sale wiped out SXAA1438silver stock. We just scheduled this - I'd guess 10 days or so tom make more.
  24. When will SXAA1438silver be available? Need it for a commission ><;
  25. Hey, I've been getting a lot of inquiries from people regarding them wanting Lime Green colors on projects I make. Would we see lime green at some point? Or are they only available with kits or non-andionized aluminum options?
  26. Pretty! Are they just flowers, or do you make them into jewelry?
  27. Super awesome gauntlets!
  28. XL green - we'll look at an XL scale run in about 2 weeks
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