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Full Persian is one of the basic jewelry weaves. It makes a solid, somewhat heavy, and very intricate chain. Because of the density of the weave, relatively large rings are required - 3/8" ID 14 gauge, 1/4" ID 18 gauge, and 1/8" ID 22 gauge all work, with varying degrees of flexibility. Full Persian also forms the basis for two other jewelry weaves - Half Persian 3 in 1 and Half Persian 4 in 1. The 3-1 chain can actually be formed by weaving Full Persian and then continuing only half of the chain (hence the name).

Step 1: pass four closed rings through two open rings. Close the open rings and lay the collection out as shown.

Step 2: See those two dark links? They need to go between the copper links and through the silver ones. This isn't always that easy, especially when you're starting out. Try to avoid having the brass pair slip around. It might help to stick a piece of wire through the silver and brass pairs where you want to add the dark rings.

Step 3: Really, now the worst step is over. In this step, you just add two more rings onto the end - the silver rings in this case.

Step 4: Now you need to repeat step 2. The copper links need to go through the brass and silver links, but between the dark ones. Again, using a piece of wire to hold the links in place may come in handy. Good luck.

That should do it! To lengthen the chain, just repeat steps 3 and 4. Have fun!

Finished Full Persian chain:

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