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Inverted roundmaille is a variant on the roundmaille weave. It is an unusual weave in that most ring sizes produce incredibly stiff chains, making this weave useful for sculpture, if a less likely candidate for jewelry. Any ring size that works for roundmaille will work for inverted roundmaille. For this weave, brown rings are new rings. They pass through silver rings. Black rings have passed through all of the rings that they are going to.

Step 1: Create a 2-1-2-1-2 chain as shown.


Step 2: Connect the ends of the chain with a new ring.


Step 3: Pull the chain apart so that it looks like this:


Step 4: Add three new rings onto the end of the piece. Repeat this step to lengthen the chain.


That just about does it. As with roundmaille, you can speedweave this chain if you like by just adding open rings in with the closed ones in step 4.

Finished Inverted Roundmaille weave:

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