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The HP 3-1 weave is a delicate, low-profile chain good for simple jewelry. It's not particularly strong compared to most chains, however. It's known as Half Persian because it can be made by extending only half of the Full Persian weave. Like most of the Persian weaves, it works best with relatively large rings, like 5/16" ID 16 gauge, 1/4" ID 18 gauge, or 3/16" ID 20 gauge.

Step 1: Put two closed rings on one open ring. Close the ring, and lay them out as shown.

Step 2: Put one closed ring on an open ring. Pass the open ring through the two closed rings from the previous step, from below.

Those are really the only steps involved in making Half Persian 3-1. To lengthen the chain, simply repeat step two. Notice that the weave has V-shaped profile; it lies differently depending on which side is up. Be certain to point this out to potential customers.

Finished Half Persian 3-1:

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